Barry Gifford – Port Tropique

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  • Barry Gifford
  • Port Tropique
  • Editeur: Rivages
  • 263
  • Français
  • Epub
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Revolution is simmering in the heat of battered Central American town Port Tropique, where protagonist Franz Hall is an "intellectual Meursault in a paranoid Hemingway landscape, a self-conscious Conradian adventurer, a Lord Jim in the earliest stages of selfwilled failure" (New York Times). The ineffectual hero spends his days drinking and observing people in the zócalo, and occasional nights involved in an ivory-smuggling operation threatened by impending government siege. Always persistent are memories of Marie and what was lost. In this sinuous narrative of dislocation and remorse, Barry Gifford details Franz’s mundanity and the bizarre cast of characters swirling around him.Auteur(s): Barry Gifford Titre:Port Tropique Editeur: Rivages Pages: 263 Langue: Français Format: Epub